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Our Services


Who Can We Help?
We provide expert legal advice about United States immigration law and legal representation to a wide range of clients seeking entry to the United States. We serve:
  • Professional workers
  • Migrant workers
  • Students
  • Foreign or domestic businesses seeking to place employees in the U.S.
  • Family members of current U.S. residents
  • Diversity lottery recipients
  • Religious workers
  • Refugees and those seeking political asylum
  • Investors and Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals accused of a crime
  • Removal/Deportation Proceedings
Our firm provides full-service professional legal advice and representation for your immigration and visa needs.

We offer help with all your immigrant or non-immigrant visa needs. If you are threatened with Removal (Deportation), you will need our services. We have won well over 100 removal cases in the past few years. If you, a family member or friend is concerned about the potential of Removal or have been charged with a crime, you should call us. Our attorneys have traveled throughout the United States to represent individuals in Removal proceedings.
Criminal Defense 
We also represent non-citizens in state and federal criminal court. Our attorneys have represented individuals accused of serious crimes as well as minor ones. If you have a loved one charged with a crime, you need our experience. Don‘t let a family member plead to a crime and then find himself in immigration custody because his/her criminal defense attorney did not know about the immigration implications of a guilty plea.