Carney & Marchi, P.S.
Carney & Marchi, P.S.
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Why Hire Carney & Marchi, PS

  • Because You Need an Attorney with Experience
    Dealing with many immigration cases is complicated. Our attorneys have over 20 years experience in immigration law.  We limit our practice to immigration and criminal matters.

  • Because You Want It Done Right
    Mistakes cost time and money. Missing documents or errors can permanently ruin your chances for a successful result. Our attorneys deal with the Department of Homeland Security every day. Our attorneys are in immigration court on a regular basis. We know the processes and procedures so your case is done right.

  • Because You Want An Affordable Price
    Our prices fit your budget. Hiring an attorney is not just for the wealthy. Most cases take months or years to complete. We offer payment plans to fit your budget.

  • Because you want to be able to see an Attorney in Eastern or Western Washington
    Carney & Marchi, P.S. has offices in Seattle and Kennewick, Washington.  You can make an appointment in either of our offices.